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Our Tekxit 3.14 PI server has been updated to version 1.0.980.

Change Log: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/tekxit-314-official-1122.1718228/changelog/2262141

Mod Additions:

  • Alfheim
  • CensoredASM
  • RedCore
  • VintageFix

Mod Removals:

  • CrashToMainMenu
  • FoamFix
  • NormalASM
  • Phosphor
  • PhosphorCrashFix

Mod Updates:

  • AppliedEnergistics2
  • AsgardShieldReloaded
  • ChocolateQuestRepoured
  • CraftTweaker2
  • EnchantmentDescriptions
  • EntityCulling
  • FutureMC
  • HadEnoughItems
  • InfernalMobs
  • LittleFrames
  • LittleTiles
  • MixinBooter
  • RoughlyEnoughIDs
  • Ruins
  • UniversalTweaks
  • VillageNames
  • Watermedia
  • XaerosMinimap
  • XaerosWorldMap

Additional Changes:

  • Blacklist minecolonies villagers and normal villagers from reliquary interdiction torch.
  • Disable "Better Harvest" for universal tweaks, because it is not better.
  • Disable paint press recipe for bibliocraft with crafttweaker.
  • Disable protection for minecolonies so machines and such work properly and reduce server load and crashes, players on servers will likely have other protection stuff anyways.
  • Disable teleport for natures compass to fix chunk corruption.
  • Internal testing shows reduction in loading times by 20% after the update.


Tekxit 3.14 PI updated to version 1.0.980 about 1 month ago

Our Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons server or RAD for short has been updated to version 1.54.

Change Log: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/roguelike-adventures-and-dungeons/files/4747793


  • Capped gunners level due to it causing crashes past certain levels
  • Capped a bunch of enchants levels due to them appearing at level 100 when on loot

Quest Book

  • Fixed vampirism quest so that it has correct mob
  • Fixed mirage library quest
  • Fixed gold miner quest
  • Added mini guide for sages due to rework it received
  • New quest section covering the unique crops
  • New quest section covering the mod beast slayer (ancient beast)
  • Removed slaying quest for advanced vampire hunter


  • Added tooltip, jei description and replaced item usage warning for fangs stating players need to do quest (apologies for any confusion caused)
  • Instant kill skills had hp requirements increased before they execute enemy
  • 0.20 > 0.12 (20% > 12%)


  • Tweaked various values for Thaumcraft things
  • Hopefully spell casting now scales better when using the Thaumic Augmentation gauntlets (nothing i can do for the other casting methods)
  • Buffed Primal cutter 10 > 26 damage
  • Added most dims to the various Thaumic Augmentation configs Tweaked Imputus cannon
  • Buffed Imputus generator
  • Slight buff to mechanical power

Beast Slayer (ancient beast)

  • Giant miniboss health multiplier 0 > 13.0
  • Global armor 0 > 3.5
  • Global damage multiplier 1.0  > 3.0
  • Global health multiplier 1.0 > 4.5
  • Sandmonster health bonus when tamed 0 > 4.0
  • Sandmonster miniboss health bonus 0 > 7.0
  • Sandmonster spawn 3 > 5
  • Vessel miniboss health bonus 0 > 6.5
  • Disabled damcell due to its drop being redundant
  • Removed pokey and skewer

Unique Crops

  • Added more crops to normie seed drops


  • Liquid wizardry crystals now cause different effects when standing in them
  • Liquid Mana - Have fun
  • Liquid Fire - Sets you on fire, gives combustion
  • Liquid Cold - Slowness
  • Liquid Lightning - Strikes you with lightning
  • Liquid Undeath - Wither
  • Liquid Nature - Poison
  • Liquid Magic - Levitation
  • Liquid Healing - Regeneration
  • Added a bunch of spawners to capsule blacklist
  • Stick block from ancient beast can be crafted back into sticks
  • Fixed spelling errors in warnings for backpack and summoning pendulum
  • Easy harvesting disabled due to have issues with unique crops
  • Reforge Token Changed from 1 > 3 output


  • Removed empty sections
  • Added guide to BiblioCraft basics
  • Added credits
  • Corrected minor errors with misplaced descriptions
  • ... and MORE!


Also updated 21 files

Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons updated to version 1.54 2 months ago

We held a vote on our discord if we should reset the network in December or in January and December won the vote.
So on December 1st, excluding Agrarian Skies 1/2, Sky Factory 4, and Gigapack. All servers will have their world data/plugin data wiped.

Personal worlds are not being wiped, so everyone has a few days to buy a personal world on our shop and move your things to them.
Personal worlds cannot be accessed by anyone except for you and those you invite to your world as a member.
Personal worlds are permanent as long as the server exists, and can be upgraded to expand the border later on.

The data being wiped will be all world data, quests, experience, advancements, stats, inventories, research, claims, towns, economy, keys, task progress, ranks, etc.
This means even if you have a personal world your inventory will be wiped, so its advised you empty your inventory and store any exp into tanks in your personal worlds.

Donors after the reset will need to submit support tickets on our discord to request your ranks to be reinstated as long as they aren't expired.
You will be given rank and gear keys for your purchased rank. Key packs, plugin boosters, amplifiers are one time use and will need to be re-purchased.
Amplifiers are given from monthly subscriptions on our discord, they also give key packs and more.
Chunk loaders will be honored after the reset, simply make a support ticket and mention your purchase and we will give you the key for it.

If you have any questions regarding the reset feel free to contact us on our discord server!

Network reset on Dec 1st. Servers AS1/AS2/SF4/GP Excluded. 3 months ago
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