The last month has been very busy for us, new developers joining the team, restructuring, and lots of errors fixed with a lot of performance improvements.

We overhauled our teleportation plugin by recoding it from the ground up, speeding it up to near instant speeds. We experienced many issues while doing this and appreciate everyones patience, but it got done. We are attempting to fix even more systems in our plugins and optimize them more, so hang tight, we didnt forget the issues reported!

If your interested in joining our development team, join us on discord and contact me or multi_coder about joinming the team. We are also looking for active staff members as well, for this position please post a staff application on our discord following the pinned format in the channel.

The holidays are here! And with it holiday sales! Grab anything on our shop with a 20% off sale!

We now offer private/personal/community worlds! Grab your own world and we will claim it for you, or give you bonus chunks for towny to setup your own town and invite other players to build and expand in your new world!

Private worlds do not reset at the end of the year, are fully claimed to their world borders, and all players within private worlds get priority support from our staff team.