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Hexxit 2 server updated to version 1.5
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Zilacon APOC Owner
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10 months ago

Our Hexxit 2 server has been updated to the latest 1.5 version.
Please update your clients before rejoining our server at HEX2.APOCGAMING.ORG

Change log: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/hexxit-ii.896745/changelog/2238071

Update 1.5 is here!

This is the real deal - The world of Hexxit has been reworked, with new bosses, new mobs, new loot...

Let's go!

  • Twilight Forest final boss - The Twilight Wroughtnaut. Final ending, advancement, and some new surprises throughout the progression. Good luck!
  • Remember the Mystic Shrubs, from 2013's Hexxit? Magic Mirror? Boomerang? Bomb Flowers? The list goes on. They are all custom ported to Hexxit II!
  • Added Fish's Undead Rising, with new backported content. Many new mobs, new pets, new challenges, and a new boss - the Skeleton King. Once again, good luck.
  • Reworked Mo' Creatures, with Mo' Creatures Extended - featuring reworked mob spawning, and new mobs, including a pesky lizard that keeps stealing my loot...
  • Added Beast Slayer, with many new mobs to the Hexxit world. Explore unique biomes to find them, and also in... a haunted circus?
  • Overhauled Asgard Shield: Reloaded, with new shield mechanics, and new giant swords, including the Ender Giant Sword!
  • Some tweak highlights: Reworked some of Hexxit Gear's features to match or improve upon the original release. Reworked Lumen's fireflies for the world of Hexxit. Reworked the Recall enchantment to counter the Sticky effect from Infernal Mobs. Made Battle Towers no longer able to destroy graves. Nerfed the Vorpal enchantment. Tweaked the Golden Feather and Electric Staff to behave more like the original release. Included the (unreleased!) remastered Twilight Forest soundtrack (thank you Rotch Gwylt!)
  • Added in total 18 mods, including Wolf Armor and Storage (for your pets), Mowzie's Mobs (starring in the Twilight Forest), Fluidlogged API (backports waterlogging), Snow! Real Magic! (adding snowlogging features), Equipment Compare, and more - the rest are for you to find.
  • Updated 29 mods to their latest versions, including fixes to reported bugs and other small improvements.
  • Removed 10 mods that are no longer useful, including Custom Mob Spawner which used to cause spawning issues, thanks to the new edition of Mo' Creatures that no longer relies on it.

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